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Are you feeling stuck in your business?

Does this sound like you? 

-I have hit a plateau, I've reached my limit, and can't get any further.

-I just can't seem to breakthrough to the next level.  

-I am an expert in my field, but I can't seem to find the courage to get my business going.

-I hate my job and I want to quit ....but I don't feel like I could be successful pursuing my passion. 

-I keep finding myself procrastinating rather than building my business, or I just jump from one shiny thing to the next. 

-I have heard that success is all about mindset, but how the heck do I change my mindset?

-I am afraid that people won't like me, or the product I am selling. 

-I am afraid to put myself out there. 

-I can't work up the courage to put myself out there to do fb live/insta live.

-I feel like I will never be successful. My family doesn't support me, I am all alone. 

- I don't think what I am passionate about will make money. 

-I'm actually confused and don't know what my passion is. 

-How am I supposed to find my life purpose? 

...If this sounds anything like you, 

You are not alone.

Listen up.

It's not you, it's your subconscious programming. 

Building a business is hard enough work as it is. The programming that is running on default mode in your mind could be what is holding you back from thriving in your business! When you are building a business, you don't need negative subconscious programming getting in the way of your success. You actually can't afford to let it get in your way, any longer!  Even the best entrepreneurs feel stuck and trapped in thinking patterns that hold them back. Feelings that hold them back from feeling that sweet, sweet freedom and autonomy that entrepreneurship offers! Lots of entrepreneurs get discouraged in the beginning of building their business just because they lack courage and faith in themselves. Or they just get stuck in the same old thinking, getting the same old results. This is all due to conditioned subconscious programming. 

This is where RTT is extremely effective. It gets you unstuck. It gets you over that hump of fear of failure, fear of being seen, lack of commitment, lack of self confidence, fear of being rejected, procrastinating… the list goes on. 

What if you could quickly remove the baggage that stands in the way of you and your success, faster than ever before? 

What most budding entrepreneurs don’t know is, they have a lot of old emotional baggage to clear out in order to thrive in their business. I am sure you have heard it time and time again, it is all about mindset. Wealth is a mindset. Success is a mindset. Happiness is a mindset. 

Success is all about mindset.

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn’t have to spend years of trial and error, just to get the ball rolling in your business? What if you could quickly remove the baggage that stands in the way of you and your success, faster than ever before? Many clients of RTT experience rapid break throughs in their businesses after just one session. RTT helps you weed out the old subconscious programming that prevents you from stepping up in your business.

Entrepreneurs are an incredible breed. You are constantly called to reinvent your mind to adapt to the ever changing world market. This calls for a daily commitment to self-improvement. The truth is, there truly is no magic silver bullet to the ultimate self-improvement journey. There are a gazillion different ways to achieve greatness in your business. There is no one-size fits all. RTT is not THE one and only way to improve yourself. Improving yourself is a life long journey, so I suggest you try it all.

This is your life, you are in charge of making it great, so don't skimp on yourself.  Self-improvement does take a lot of inner exploration, self-realization, and motivation to change. If you are committed to becoming a better person, this takes daily practice, and a constant renewal of your mind. RTT helps with that. 

What is subconscious programming, what should I care about it?

Here's what we know... We have a natural and deep human need to be authentic, but our subconscious conditioning often gets in the way of that. RTT helps you to remove the outdated and negative subconscious programming so you can begin showing up authentically in your business. You've got a lot of goodies hiding under those limiting beliefs of self-doubt! Most of what keeps you stuck in the same ol’ same ol’, is your subconscious programming. Whether it is in your business or your personal life. Your subconscious programming is where most of your life is lived. Neuroscientists have identified that we live around 95% of our days in our subconscious programming. That means only around 5% of our days is actually consciously decided on. Think about it... Most of your day, you are not actually choosing what goes on, your subconscious is doing all the work. Our minds are mostly running on auto-pilot. This is where the hiccup is. Having old and outdated programs running in the subconscious that say, you aren’t good enough, or you don’t deserve it, or what you want is not available to you… You absolutely find you are having extremely difficult time achieving what you want to achieve in life. 

How did my subconscious mind get programmed in the first place? 

Most people aren’t aware that  old and outdated beliefs formed in childhood is what holds them back. You obtain a great deal of your subconscious programming from about the last half of pregnancy, until about the age of 7-8. Even by the time you are 5, you already have a belief formed around money and wealth. Most of this is programming we acquired from seeing our parents interact with each other, teachers, friends, and authority figures. We didn’t read books about how life works, we just watched life happen around us and assumed that is the way it is across the board. Think back to the sphere you grew up in. How would you label it? Good? Bad? Encouraging? Discouraging? Healthy? Toxic? Then think about how easy it is to influence a child! As kids we didn’t have the ability to think, "is this right or wrong? True or false?" We just accepted the things we saw for face value. If the interactions we observed as children don’t fit the goals we want to achieve as adults... we struggle! We struggle a lot! Even the easiest tasks, like building a website, pricing your services, or identifying your ideal clients becomes difficult. 

Most people that are building a business don’t even think about healing their past.

Okay, I get it. How can I fix it?

 RTT has the ability to help you to declutter your limiting beliefs that hold you back from hitting the next level in your business. In a 1:1 RTT session for success with me, we work together to get directly into the subconscious mind. We find the hidden limiting beliefs and rewire them. We use this highly specialized technique to gain understanding as to the exact beliefs that you back in your business and reframe them. You can achieve faster and long lasting change in your business mindset, using RTT. 

Most people that are building a business don’t even think about healing the past. When you are building a business you are trying to look to the future and run away from the past. But, I have seen it time and time again, both in my clients and me personally. There are a lot of old repressed feelings and emotions that become your biggest hurdles in your business. Those old limiting beliefs, or patterns of thinking, that say "you are not good enough", or having that constant voice inside your head saying, “who the heck do you think you are? You can’t do this” had to come from somewhere. It is not you, it is JUST your programming. Don't wait any longer. Let's have a chat to see how RTT can help you get results fast! 

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-You are just a thought away from living the life of your dreams. 

I'm ready to jump in, but I am scared. 

 Feeling nervous, and unsure? ..Of course you are. 

This could possibly be the first time you have ever heard about how big of a deal the subconscious mind is to the success of your business. This is information that is not taught in school. If it were taught in school, we would have a world with a success problem. Not a world full of world full of overworked, under-slept, underpaid people. It's always scary to invest in yourself to up-level your potential. I have been there. Every entrepreneur has been there. You are ready to take action. Actually, the world is ready for you to take action and reveal your talents and gifts. 

It is time for you to shine and deliver your gifts to the world.

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Let's improve your life!

Shay Halloran

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